1957 Corvette Kit

I came across a deal that I could not pass up. I wanted a 50s Vette to make a resto-rod -looks like a 1950s Vette but has a completely modern drivetrain. I have been keeping my eyes open but original 50s Vettes in good shape are top dollar and those in rough shape are still beyond my reach. I came across Antique and Collectible Autos Inc, they had the fiberglass body completed and were just building up the frame. I received one of the first frames that they have made.

The body and frame are made to the highest quality. A good friend of mine who is a bodyman/painter was very impressed with the straightness of the body - very little block sanding to get it perfect. The body comes prefit with hinged doors, trunk lid, hood and convertible top lid. All fit perfectly!

Here's a list of webpages that I've put together concerning the 57 Vette:

The base suspension package from AC Autos Inc, is Mustang II front suspension and 9" Ford rear suspension. As a Corvette enthusiast, I find it distasteful to put Ford parts in a Corvette. My plans are to install 1984 Corvette front and rear independant suspensions which I've already purchased the parts for. Flatout Engineering located in California makes a dynamite IFS crossmember for mounting 84-87 vette components. The quality and workmanship is fantastic!

For the drivetrain, I would use a Corvette LT1 or LS1 350 cid V8 and a 5 speed manual tranny. If you've read my 54 Pontiac Tempest kustom page, then you'll know that I usually like to do things the hard way. Another option is to use a tripower TBI 350cid sbc. Grabbing one of the Offenhauser tripower carb intake manifolds and putting 3 throttle bodies on it instead. Now that should provide some excitement!

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