Protecting your Vehicle

You can't stop a professional car thief but you can slow them down. If there are enough deterrents, they may just look someplace else for a car to steal. Time is your main weapon. The longer it takes to steal the car, the greater the chance that it won't be stolen.

This Anti-Theft page discusses ways to discourage car thieves through tips, tricks and security. The more methods used - the better! This section is divided into:

Car Alarms - This page discusses the choice of the alarm, the visual and audible alarms, alarm indicators, false alarms and more.

Locking down the ship! - There are numerous devices that you can use to discourage the potential car thief. This page discusses the ways that you can lock down your vehicle.

Making it Difficult! - This page discusses what you can do to disable your vehicle and make it undriveable. This forces the thief to spend a lot of time trying to get it running which discourages them as they like the quick get-away.

Where you Park! - Selecting a safe parking spot will aid greatly in discouraging a car thief. Also, how you park will deter those that use flatbeds or tow trucks.

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