Arc Fire - the Ignition System

Welcome to the Arc Fire - the Ignition System. The Arc Fire - the Ignition System section discusses the ignition system from the ignition key switch to the sparkplug and the timing components. This section is divided into the following:

The Ignition Switch - This page discusses how the ignition switch works and what the pins are used for.

The HEI Distributor - This page talks about how to wire a HEI distributor up and getting some spark to the engine .

How to Find TDC - How do you accurately find Top Dead Center (TDC)? There's a number of ways but most include removing the head and measuring the piston with a dial indicator. There is another method that is quite accurate.

Timing Chain Cover Information - This section discusses the differences in SBC timing covers and what to look for. Also how to check and set up the timing pointer.

Sparkplugs - Sparkplugs are often overlooked but they can greatly affect your performance. This page talks about sparkplugs

Electronic Tach - OEM electronic tachs are discussed here and how to wire them up and what the pins are used for on the back.

Testing the Tach - How do you know that your tach is working properly? Is it really measuring the correct rpm? Here's a page that discusses a simple way of testing your tach.

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