Windshield Wipers, Motors and Washers

Welcome to the Windshield Wipers, Motors and Washers! This section deals with converting from vacuum wiper motors to electrical motors, the mechanics of the wiper movement and the wiring of the electric motor, wiper switch and windhsield washer.

Converting to an Electric Wiper Motor - My 1954 Pontiac had a vacuum powered wiper motor. This pages shows how to convert from a vacuum motor to an electric motor and converting the wiper arm mechanisms from wire drive to shaft drive.

The Electrical side of the Wiper Motor - Wiper motors are not regular motors, there's some magic in how you wire them up so that they have multiple speeds and stop with the wipers at the rest position

The Chrysler Wiper Switch - As I found out, not all wiper switches are made equal. Here's how a Chrysler Wiper Switch works. By the way, they don't work with GM wiper motors!

The Chevrolet Wiper Switch - For the Chevrolet wiper motor, you need to use a Chevrolet wiper motor switch. Here's the guts and glory of the Chevrolet wiper switch

Shortening Wiper Blades - I have a 3" chopped roof which means that the stock wiper blades are too long. Here's how to shorten them to make mini blades!

Installing the Windshield Washer - Can't drive with a dirty windshield! The pages shows how I installed and wired up an aftermarket winshield washer system.

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