Body Files

Body Files are sometimes called a cheese grater because some of the cutting blades look like a cheese grater. Some blades look like a very rough file. They are used to take off the excess body filler before sanding. You use them before the body filler sets. There's a certain time period where the filler is soft like clay and you can work with it. Wait too long and a body file will be useless. A good bodyman can perform magic using a body file. They are like artists at work!

cheese grater Body filler file (cheese grater)

I used a body filler file for rough shaping of the body filler initially and taking off the excess filler before sanding. It's great as there is little or no dust generated and a lot of body work can be done before any sanding begins. It's a coarse instrument and used only for initial shaping. I first bought a cheap file and the handle broke off the first day I used it. A better quality tool was only a couple of dollars more expensive. Strangely, the cheap tool was in the automotive dept. and the quality tool was in the hardware section.

You can get flat files or round edge files. The round edge files are easier to shape. The files are replaceable and are inexpensive. Besides the handle breakage, the higher quality file had a much better "cut" to it. I could noticebly feel the difference.

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