The Bottom End

Welcome to the Bottom End Section. The Bottom End discusses the short block parts of the engine. This section is divided into the following:

Block Work - This section discusses the process of preparing a used engine block. Measuring the block and checking for cylinder wear and bearing alignment, align honing, unique bearings and seals for the 400 SBC and cleaning the block.

Crankshaft work - This section discusses machine shop work on a used crank to bring it up to proper working specs, the unique woodruff key and the harmonic balancer used by a 400 SBC

Machine Shop Hell - Here's the story behind a machine shop and what happens when everything seems to go wrong at once: bad crankshaft, missed piston pressed in wrist pins and using non 400 SBC rod nuts. The saving grace is a machine shop that stands behind its work regardless if it is a year later!

Engine Assembly - This section discusses assembling the bottom end: camshaft, piston/rod, crankshaft, oil pump, oil pan, timing chain cover, finding TDC and a list of bolts needed for a SBC.

Starter Motors - This page discusses the different styles of start motors used by a SBC and the flywheels and bolt hole patterns.

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