Stopping Power

Welcome to the Brakes Section! This section deals with the stopping power of the vehicle and all the work needed to install, swap, fabricate and generally make a safe stopping machine. This section is divided into the following:

Master C - This webpage details how to swap in a late model master cylinder and brake pedal into an older vehicle.

Frt Brakes - This section details installing front disk brakes into an older vehicle.

Rear Brakes - This section details swapping in rear drum and disk brakes into an older vehicle

Lines - Just about everything you want to know about replacing and running new brake lines

Parkin' - Can't have a vehicle safety inspected without a good working parking brake. Here's how to install and mate late model parking brakes to an old model foot pedal.

Bleeding Brakes - Here's how to bleed your brakes so that there is no air in the system. A spongy brake pedal is a sign that you have old fluid in the system or air.

Fixing Squealing Brakes - Here's how to fix your brakes so that they don't squeal when you apply them. Good tips on what to do when you are replacing the brakes to stop squealing from happening later.

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