Car Alarm Information

This Car Alarm Information section discusses the choice of the alarm, the visual and audible alarms, alarm indicators, false alarms and more.

Car Alarm Requirements - You need a car alarm system that will wake the dead and attract attention when it goes off. Here's a list of the minimum requirements for the alarm system:

  • Ignition disconnect - prevents the engine from running
  • Remote fobs with changing security codes - prevents car thief from using a same model fob and defeating your alarm system.
  • Visual alarm - park lights, head lights flash on alarm
  • Audible alarm - loud siren of some type
  • Door opening detection
  • Hood opening detection
  • Glass breaking detection
  • Motion sensors - not too sensitive so that they go off every 1/2 hour.
  • Time limit required to enter in access code when door is openned - even though you have a remote fob (which a thief can steal), you should have to enter in an access code to disable the alarm.

Visual Alarm indicators - Make sure that you have an active alarm LED(s) that are clearly visible that will let the car thief know that an alarm is present and active. The indicators should be visible from a distance. The idea is that you want to discourage the car thief and prevent damage to the vehicle. You don't need broken windows or damaged door locks to be the trigger that tells the car thief that there is an alarm installed.

Strobe light alarm indicator - I've often heard car alarms going off in parkades and couldn't see which car was alarming. I figure that if you could use the strobe lights that unmarked police vehicles use in the turn signals for an indicator. They are bright enough to see easily in the daytime. How about putting one in the dome light so that the whole interior lights up?

Interior siren - I figure that if the car alarm is going to go off. Someone is trying to get or has gotten inside the vehicle. So why not stick a siren inside? Make it as unpleasant for the thief as possible.

Separate battery for alarm - One of the first things that a car thief will do is to try and disconnect the battery. Normally, the alarm system is tied into the battery so they will try to cut the battery cable. Use a hidden 12V motorcycle battery for the alarm system.

Car Alarm Stickers - You need to make the car thief aware that there is an alarm system installed. Use alarm stickers on the windows. Do not use alarm stickers that indicate which alarm system is being used. The less that the car thief knows about the alarm system, the better it is for you.

Hidden switch location - Car thieves will case their victims. They will go to rod runs and car club meetings to gather information. They will watch you when you start your car to see what you are doing. If you have to reach across the car and open the dash each time you start your car, they'll know that there is something in the dash. Place any hidden switches close to the driver so that no unordinary body movements are required or noticeable to use them.

Keep Quite! - Some car thieves will act as a potential buyer when you are selling your car. They will be paying particular attention to how you disable your alarm system when you show them your pride and joy. Don't show anyone how the car alarm system works until the car is sold.

Don't tell friends and strangers how your auto security works. The less people know about your car security methods, the less chance that the undesirables will find out.

False Alarms - Thieves will trigger your car alarm to see what your reaction will be. They may do this repeatedly in the middle of the night in the hope that you get fed up with the "false alarms" and turn off the alarm. Eventually, they'll trigger the alarm and it won't work cause you've turned it off for them.

Tow Vehicles - Don't think that just because your car is on a trailer hooked up to your tow vehicle, that it is safe. Most people have elaborate security systems on their pride and joy but simple alarm systems or none on their tow vehicle. It becomes easy to steal your tow vehicle along with the attached trailer and car.

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