Swapping to a Carb

Chad N, mentioned that you can get a loads of power out of the 2.3l by using the D-port head and intake with a carb adapter using a 500 cfm 2 barrel Holley. I would agree if you were building a racing engine but for overall driveability, I would go with EFI.

Esslinger's Racing Intake for Holley carb

There are several companies dedicated to Ford 2.3L performance and some do offer carburated intake manifolds or carb adapters for the lower EFI manifold. Esslinger Racing has quite a line of performance products and is the leader for 2.3L engines. The 2 bbl intake manifolds that they offer are for circular track racing only and not recommended for street use. The design is an open plenum for wide open racing and high rpm.

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