Checking and Adjusting the Caster

To measure caster, the wheel is turned 20 deg inward. The caster gauge is centered for 0 deg caster. There is an adjustment screw on the back of the gauge that allows you to set it for 0 deg. The wheel is then turned to 20 deg outward for a total movement of 40 degrees. The caster is read off the gauge. I used the front turnbuckle to adjust the caster. Adjusting the caster affects the initial caster zeroing and changes the camber a minor amount.

wheel arc

Wheel arcs rather than pivots on turntable so brakes must be locked to prevent the wheel from rolling

You start over with the camber adjustment, then do the caster again. I found that if you only adjusted the caster for 1/2 of what you wanted, you were closer to the ideal value when you re-initialized the caster zeroing and measured again.

caster/camber gauge

Caster measured on bottom gauge and outside scale. This gauge shows +1 degree caster (very difficult to see)

The turnbuckle style of upper control arm is great to use. It took me 1 day to figure out how to set up and adjust the caster/camber with minimal instructions that I had and then only took 1 hour to adjust both sides for 1 deg of caster once I figured it out!

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