Sand Casting Aluminum and Iron

This section discusses the ancient art of sand casting metal parts. It is really fun to do and allows you to make custom parts that you may not normally have the opportunity to make. This section is divided into the following webpages:

Casting Aluminum

Casting Aluminum Side Mirror Bases - I received some nice side mirrors as a present but when I opened the package I found that the bases were made out of cheap plastic. Can't have that so I casted some aluminum bases. This was my first casting experience.

Casting Aluminum Side Mirror Bases - Part 2 - This webpage details the process of casting aluminum using the mirror base as a template. The step by step process is outlined.

Casting Iron:

The Background - I needed to create a cast iron exhaust spacer so that my passenger side exhaust manifold would exit in the center of the firewall support. Here's what I found about commercial and hobbyist casting iron.

The Test Pour - When I went to my first casting pour, I thought "Why not bring along a test template?" Here's the results of the test pour using aluminum.

Making the Template - The first step is to make a template for the sand casting. I made mine out of wood and tried a few different non successful techiniques - all part of the learning process!

Packing the Core - Here's the process of packing the core with sand around the template. It is a simple process as long as you follow the guidelines to do it right.

Pouring Molten Iron - This is the scary part! Molten iron is HOT! And the excitement is intense at this stage. There is a danger element and the anticipation is high as you just don't know if the pour will work or not.

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