Unique Center Steer RnP Install

I would be very interested to drive the following car to see what the bumpsteer would be like. Don Bowman was nice enough to send me some pictures of a 54 Chev that had a 1986 Grand Am rack installed. Kudos to Don for the excellent photographs taken during a snowstorm! It's fantastic that we are able to share information on the Internet because I never thought of using a mating plate between the rack and tie rods. This opens up a whole new ballgame. Maybe I won't have to knotch the oil pans. You also get to use stock 54 tie rod assemblies.

Driver's side mount

Driver's side mount for rack. The steering box is pointing straight up just behind the mount.

center of rack

This shows the mating plate between the rack and the tie rods. You can modify the plate to fit.

passenger side rack mount

Passenger's side mount for rack, The angle I'm told is 30 degrees.

steering link view 2

View of the steering linkage from column to rack. The rack's steering linkage is pointing directly up.

another view

Another angle to view the steering linkage.

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