Welcome to the Chassis Section! This section details how to do a frame off body restoration, everything you want to know about updating your steering, front suspension swap options and things to do with the rear end:

Frame - Instead of removing the body, this section deals with how to remove a frame from underneath a vehicle. Jack the body up and slip the frame out from underneath. Not as easy as it sounds but still do-able. How about putting the body on a late model full-size frame?

Steering - This section discusses everything you want to know about steering theory, swapping steering columns and rack n pinion units into older vehicles. Plus a little bit of safety thrown in for good measure.

Front End - Here's where the front suspension options are discussed: straight axle conversion, shocks, IFS swaps and even how to machine your own front suspension.

Rear End - here's the place to learn about the rear suspension, IRS swaps, lowering blocks, shocks, C clips and the differential.

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