Crankshaft Work

Welcome to the Crankshaft Work Section. The Crankshaft Work section discusses the machine shop work on the crankshaft, the unique woodroof key and harmonic balancer for the 400 cid SBC. This section is divided into the following:

Checking the Crankshaft - This section discusses the process of preparing and checking a used crankshaft. Measuring the journals and checking for wear and bearing alignment.

Woodruff Keys - This section discusses the unique woodruff key used by a 400 SBC and comapres it to standard SBC engines.

Harmonic Balancers - What is a harmonic balancer and what's the difference between internally balanced and externally balanced crankshafts. Here's how to spot the difference between a standard SBC harmonic balancer and a 400 SBC harmonic balancer and how to repair the snout for proper sealing into the timing chain cover.

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