Custom Cars

Welcome to the Custom Cars Section! This section takes a look at cars that are often overlooked and then adds some simple customization to create a unique look. Hopefully, this will give you ideas that may lead to a special ride.

1948 Chevy - I've always liked the 1948 Chevy torpedo back coupe. It looks like it has a chopped roof right from the factory. Let's channel it and see what happens!

1954 Chevy - Take a 4 door 54 Chevy, weld the rear doors to make a 2 door, cutoff the roof and put a Carson top on and you have one smooth ride!

1957 Buick - The 57 Buick is one long low vehicle, perfect for converting into a Buick version of the El Camino!

1957 Chevy Pickup - Never enough room in a 1957 Chevy pickup standard cab, how about lengthing it and making it an extended cab!

1961 Thunderbird - The 1961-63 Thunderbirds have a beautiful long look to them except for the roof line. They need a fastback version so here it is

1964 Rambler - Here's a boxy looking plain jane car, work on the C pillar and you have a pretty nice hardtop version with great lines!

1983 Ford Mustang - The Mid 80s Mustangs had a boxy look to them. Just didn't get the styling right. Chop off about 3 inches off the windshield, add a fastback style Carson top and you have a custom ride that looks the way the factory shouldn't of made it!

1992 Ranger - Here's the truck that Ford wouldn't import into North America" the 4 door Ranger. So you have to make one yourself. There's a lot of compelling reasons to make one (only if you are a Ranger fan like myself)!

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