Painting the Dash

The first part of the car that I painted was the dash. I needed to run the electrical wires and I had a choice to either wire up the car and then take everything apart again to paint or paint it first. I will mask off the painted dash to protect it during the rest of the cars build.

The dash was stripped to bare metal inside and out. The interior of the dash was hand painted with Tremclad anti-rust paint using a combination of a 3" roller and a small paint brush. It wasn't as bad as I thought as everything was removed.

Touch Up or Detail Gun

I used a new touch-up gun that I purchased from Princess Auto. Normally it was $45 but on sale for $15. It works like a dream except that I didn't check to see if all the fittings were tight. On the last coat, it spit a small drop of paint on the inside of the glove box cause one of the fittings loosened up. I'm not too worried as it'll be hidden by the glove box door. I'll leave the paint spit as a reminder of my first real paint job.

original dash

What I started with - 50 years of neglect!

original dash

Ready for stripping.

stripped dash

The dash stripped to bare metal and ready for priming then paint.

painted dash

Just painted and still masked - looking very good!

painted dash

Another view - it was very awkward to paint as the seat was still in.

painted dash

Lots of curves - thankfully the touch-up gun is quite small.

ready for electrical

Ready for putting back together


The pieces back together - looks great!

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