Chassis Build-up - Dave's 1953 Chevy

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Tilt Steering Wheel
10 Bolt Rear End
Disc Brake Conversion
Replacing the Master Cylinder

Tilt Steering:

I installed a new steering Wheel setup from a 1988 IROC Camaro.  I cut off the original steering wheel rod that exits from the OEM steering box.  I then ground down a Double D shape so I could attach the new column to the OEM steering box utilizing a U-joint from Flaming River.  I also moved the nuts that are welded to the column so that I could move the whole column/steering wheel closer towards the dash.  I attached the whole column to the underside of the dash utilizing the stock Camaro mounts.  I now have a column mounted ignition switch, wipers, and a tilt wheel.

10 Bolt Rear End:

I purchased a kit to install a 1967-69 Camaro10 Bolt rear-end from Chassis Engineering.  The kit contained everything that I needed including the shocks!

I actually lucked out by purchasing the rear-end at a swap meet in Carlisle PA. for $50.00 (which included new Brake linings and Cylinders).  I actually didn't know that this was the exact rear that I needed to use with the kit.  All I needed to do was to remove the old Leaf spring mounts and follow the instructions on where to bolt the new mounts.  I used the original Camaro multi-leaf spring mounts that were on the rear.  I ordered new rubber spring pads from a company called PST (30 bucks for the whole set!!!).  I did have to move the new upper shock mount closer to the rear than what the instructions stated, but that was the only modification needed to the kit!  It was really a very easy installation.

Disc Brake Conversion:

I ordered A Disc Brake Conversion Kit from a company called ECI.  They sell Disc Brake kits for all sorts of cars and trucks.  I started off by reading the instructions (which were very easy to understand).  I took all the old Drum Brake parts off and saved the original Bearing Nut and Keyed Washer.  I then Placed a large bucket under the front end and proceeded to thoroughly wash the entire front suspension with parts cleaner (talk about creating a mess!!).  I then followed the instructions and added the new Disc Brake to the original spindle.  It took me awhile to determine how the Mounting bracket is placed (the drawing provided in the instructions isn't very good), but I finally got it lined up.  everything went together great except when I needed to mount the Disc to the mount. 

I had to grind a little off the side of the Disc as it contacted one of the mounting bolts.  After a little grinding it fit fine.  There is one area that is a tight fit and that is the lower Disc Brake mounting bolt, as the Tie-rod is right next to it, but it WILL fit!

Master Cylinder Replacement:

**Using a kit from ECI**

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