Hotrod Engine - Dave's 1953 Chevy

The engine is a 1988 Tuned Port Injector (TPI) 305 ci V8 from a IROC Camaro. The engine only had 20K on it so I didn't bother to rebuild it. I did however, do a complete clean up of the block where I removed everything except for the Heads.

To add to the looks department I bought a manifold polishing kit from the Eastwood Company and completely polished the aluminum Plenum and the manifold. I taped off the block and painted the engine and the tubes with VHT Chrome Yellow High Temperature engine enamel. The Water pump is an aluminum corvette unit.

I have added many new parts to the 305 to increase its street ability as well as its durability. Below is a list of all the parts I have added to the engine

  1. Headers are Sanderson's (made to fit the 53-54 body style utilizing the original steering).
  2. Oil Pump is a Melling High Volume Pump. I welded the pickup arm to the unit before I installed it.
  3. The Balancer is a "Street Dampener", from Fluid Dampener. The Dampener contains a high viscosity fluid that helps to control crankshaft vibration. (which should help the durability of the engine and pick up some horsepower too!).
  4. The Timing chain is a Double Roller unit from Competition Cams. (the unit is designed to work with the stock roller cam).
  5. The Distributor and Coil are an MSD unit for a stock 305 TPI Chevy.
  6. The Air cleaner is a KLN unit.

I converted the entire TPI unit from a Mass Air Flow (MAF) TPI to a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor Unit. I hear its not as easy to add modifications to the engine (such as a new cam), but it looks a lot cleaner without all the MAF air tubing.

I still need to get a fuel pump and add a return line to the fuel system. I plan on using braided steel lines (not only do they look better, but they are stronger).

I bought a Painless Wiring kit to wire the MAP engine. The kit looks pretty straight forward, but I will keep you updated when I install it and see if its as easy as they say it is!!

The engine is all finished and buttoned up. I wired the MAP engine with the Painless Wiring kit. It was as easy to install as the company said it would be (and its pretty clean looking too!). There are a few pieces that you will need to save from the original wiring harness (or get them from a Dealer or Junkyard), the pieces are:

  • oil pressure sending unit harness
  • distributor to coil harness.


The transmission is all rebuilt and ready to drop into the car. Its a 700R4 A-speed automatic. It was rebuilt by Browning Transmission in Curtis Bay MD using all B&M internal parts. This transmission should really make this '53 haul butt and also get great gas mileage

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