Making it Difficult!

This Making it Difficult! page discusses what you can do to disable your vehicle and make it undriveable. This forces the thief to spend a lot of time trying to get it running which discourages them as they like the quick get-away.

Shaved door handles and locks - This is popular with the kustom crowd (like me) and adds to the security. Remove the door handles and key locks. Key locks can be easily opened using something as simple as hair stylist scissors. If there are no key locks or door handles, then how will they get defeat the lock system and open the door?

Remote door locks - This goes hand in hand with the shaved door locks. You need locks and a way of opening them. Most alarms have extra buttons for optional control of things, so use them to open the door locks.

Main battery disconnect - Have a manual battery disconnect switch on the main battery positive terminal. If the car thief disables the alarm, then he won't be able to start the car. There are some disconnects that allow you to take part of the switch away with you so that the thief cannot turn the switch back on. Hide the switch so that it is hard to find but easy to use.

Electric fuel pump disconnect - If you are running an electric fuel pump, tie the 12V supply line into the alarm system or provide a manual disconnect switch. The car can't run without fuel.

Slim Jim protection plates - Place protection plates over the locking mechanism in the doors to prevent a Slim Jim tool from being used to open the door. A Slim Jim tool is a thin piece of sheet metal with catch at the end. It slips between the window and weather stripping. It tries to catch the locking mechanism in the door and by jimming it, unlocks the door.

Hidden ignition switch - If it is possible, hide a ignition switch in the dash, behind a hinged chrome plate, etc.. One hot rodder glued a knob on top of the key so that when the key was in the ignition switch, it looked like a heater control.

Smooth Door Lock Buttons - You don't want to be able to open your doors using a coat hanger. Change the original door lock knobs to thin cylindrical style which are difficult if not impossible to snag with a coat hanger.

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