Spending on the 2.3L Engine

The big ticket items that cost a lot of money are:

Lower gear ratio - This one is a must to do if you plan on spending money! If you are going to spend money on a modification - Lower the gear ratio FIRST! Any power from a 4 cylinder is in the high rpms, a lower gear ratio will utilize that power down where it is needed!

Forced induction - There are two methods of forced induction for the 2.3L engine: supercharging and turbocharging. Expect to spend a lot of time and money getting these to work right.

Switch to a Carburator - Chad N, mentioned that you can get a loads of power out of the 2.3l by using the D-port head and intake with a carb adapter using a 500 cfm 2 barrel Holley.

Stroking the Crankshaft - There are several engine stroking kits that will take your 2.3L engine to 2.5L and up to 3.0L. At 3.0L, you can expect a 30% increase in power and a 100% decrease in your wallet as you will have to change your rods and pistons too.

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