Driver Side Exhaust Manifold

At the wreckers, I found a driver's side manifold that had good clearance, exited exactly where I wanted and had comparable flow (just by eyeballing it) to the passenger side. Unfortunately, all small block chevs aren't made the same. This one completely covered my dipstick hole which is located between cylinders 5 and 7.

covers dipstick hole!

Perfect fit except covers the dipstick hole!

I did find a driver-side exhaust manifold that is identical to the original but without the smog ports on it. Unfortunately, I now have clearance problems between one of the mounting studs and the frame. It is very tight. One option if after the exhaust pipe is installed and bolted in place, I can cut the stud off and fix the clearance problem that way. The alternative is to find another manifold or knotch the frame which I really don't want to do.

Driver's side original exhaust

Driver-side exhaust manifold

Well, I had to notch the frame to clear the stud adn the best part is that it wasn't hard to do at all! I used a die grinder to cut a 2" slot on the top of the frame parallel to where the notch would be. I then cut a 2" slot vertical slot in the side of the frame where I wanted the notch. This allows the sides of the frame to be bent in to the slot on the top of the frame. Weld it up and you have a nice notch that looks original. .

Knotch in progress

Knotches cut out and ready to weld

Completed knotch

Completed knotch showing new clearance

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