Dual Exhaust for Cheap!

I'm running out of time and money and just to get the car on the road, I've decided to pick up a set of dual exhaust (non catalytic convertor) from the local wreckers. Most cars end up at the wreckers through this process: pour money into the car to fix it, something else goes wrong, get fed up and junk it. Quite a few vehicles have new exhaust systems installed due to the age of the car and then something else goes wrong (like engine or tranny), the owner says enough is enough and gets rid of it.

I'm going to look for exhaust pipes and mufflers in good shape, relatively straight from the manifolds to the mufflers. Once installed on my car, I'll exit the exhaust tips just in front of the rear wheels. That should require the minimal amount of time, money and effort to get a working set of 2" exhaust pipes. Down the road, I would like to exit them over the rear axle and out the back but then you're talking custom bends and mucho money versus $50 at the wreckers.

Went to the wreckers, looking to measure brake hose lengthens and found a 1980 Chev pickup with a relatively new dual performance exhaust on it, no catalytic convertor and stock exhaust manifolds. The exhaust stopped just before the rear axle. This was ideal. The mufflers were so new that there wasn't an ounce of rust on them and the pipes were solid! Total cost $23 and 15 minutes to remove myself (I was expecting 2 hours with a hacksaw!). All the bolts except for one came off relatively easily. I even got the mounting straps! Love those junkyards!

Dual exhaust

Dual exhaust - $23 from the wreckers

I'm going to loosen off the mufflers and install the pipes to the manifolds, then cut the pipes where I want them. The driver's side looks like it will be a cinch to install but I may have to bend the passenger's side pipe to fit the ram's horn manifold. I will exit the exhaust just before the rear wheels.

hose guide

Hint: use a radiator hose as a guide when cutting exhaust pipe

Driver's side exhaust

Driver's side exhaust ready for installation

exh pipe

Here's the passenger side pipe that required bends in all 3 axis.

For the passenger side, I ended up using short 20-30 degree pipe bends and welded 6 pieces together in all 3 axis. What isn't shown in the above picture is that the pipe has curves bending directly towards the camera. It is a tight fit. After about 2 days work fitting and welding the pieces together, I realized that there is a much simpler path that goes over the tranny crossmember rather than under it. Oh well. Live and learn for next time....

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