Welcome to the Electrical section! This section deals with the electrical aspect of the vehicle from the installation of the wiring to the instrument gauges and everything in between including the horn and interior lights.

Alternator - This section deals with the charging system, installing, upgrading and wiring the alternator.

Wirin' - There is lots of information on the basics of wiring from fuse blocks, to wire crimps and more!

Instruments - Here's the real down to Earth, modifying and installing junkyard gauges and how to wire them up.

Arc Fire - Everything you wanted to know about wiring your ignition system from the ignition switch to the distributer.

Starter - The starter is the electrical motor that turns the engine over, here's where you learn about the different types and how to install and wire them up.

Lites - There are a lot of lights on a car from headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, side marker lights, and even interior lights. Here's where you can read about them and even making your own custom LED lights.

Blades - Need to convert from a vacuum assisted wiper motor to electrical? How about installing an electric washer pump and reservoir? Here's some ideas on how to do it.

Horn - One overlooked item is the horn, you can't pass safety without a horn, Here's how to install and wire up a horn, including what's happening at the horn button on the steering wheel.

Solenoids - If you shave your door handles, you'll may not need door poppers but you will need a solenoid to unlock the doors. Here's how to install and configure remote door solenoids.

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