Assembling the Engine

Welcome to the Assembling the Engine Section. The Assembling the Engine section discusses the steps and tips used to assemble the bottom end of the engine. This deals with installing the camshaft, pistons, rods, crankshaft, timing cover, oil pump and pan and more! This section is divided into the following:

Camshaft Installation - This section discusses the process of preparing and the camshaft. Including breaking in the camshaft.

Installing the Pistons and Rods - This section discusses installing pistons and rods into a 400 SBC and checking for clearances.

Crankshaft Installation - This section discusses installing the crankshaft and checking for clearances into the test 400 CID SBC.

How to Find TDC - How do you accurately find Top Dead Center (TDC)? There's a number of ways but most include removing the head and measuring the piston with a dial indicator. There is another method that is quite accurate.

Timing Chain Cover Information - This section discusses the differences in SBC timing covers and what to look for. Also how to check and set up the timing pointer.

Oil Pump Information - Oil pumps are discussed on this page, the different types of pickups and the oil pans that match with them.

Installing the Oil Pan - On a hot rod, you will run into all sorts of surprises. In this case it was interference with the rack and pinion unit. Here's our solutions.

List of Bolts used on a SBC - When building an engine from scratch, some of the most basic things are difficult to find. Here's a list of bolts that are used in building a SBC.

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