About the Exhaust System

This section discusses the different exhaust options available when hot rodding an old vehicle. In these examples, a 400 cid SBC (small block chevy) engine has been installed in a 1954 Canadian Pontiac (sister to the American Chevy). The Pontiac has been extensively customized and naturally things just don't fit where they were planned. This section is divided into the following webpages:

Smog Busters and Ram Horn Exhaust Manifolds - This page looks at the differences between smog and pre-smog exhaust manifolds and the historic ram horn manifolds

Passenger's Side Manifold Problems - Sometimes after all the planning work, you find out that things just don't fit the way you thought. Here's a unique solution to installing the driver's side exhaust manifold when there's no room for the exhaust pipe to exit!

Driver's Side Manifold Problems - It's the tiny things that can give you grief, like the dipstick and a frame that's just 1/2" too close to the exhaust! Here's how to fix those types of problems.

Budget Dual Exhaust Pipes - If you squeak when you walk, then you know that cheap is in. Need an inexpensive exhaust system but don't have the dough to pay for a shop to install it? Take a walk over to the nearest wreckers and pick up a next to new system for next to nothing. Here's how to install it if you have more time than money.

Exhaust Wrap - Exhaust wrap is an insulation material that you wrap your exhaust pipe and manifold up with to keep the heat in. Find out more about it here.

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