Welcome to the Exterior Section! This section talks bodywork, rust removal, panel replacement, chopping tops, installing glass and cutting the windshield, panel fitting, stainless and paint.

Rust Bustin' - There is lots of information on the basics of rust removal, fixing floorboards, rocker panels, fenders and more!

Metal Bashin' - Here's the real down to Earth body working tools and supplies: selecting the tools, shrinking high spots, finishing putties, air tools and hand tools.

Paint - This section deals with the stripping paint, priming, sanding, and applying paint. Also tips on building your own spray booth in your garage!

Glass - Everything you wanted to know about chopping and installing a windshield, installing custom side glass and regulators, installing the rear window, window felt and channels, and restoring door vent windows.

Stainless - How to install side trim, windshield stainless, information on chroming and more!

Panel Fit - Here's where you learn about customizing your hood, installing hood springs, lining up panels, installing and adjusting custom trunk and door latches, customizing front and rear bumpers to name a few...

Door Lock Disassembly and Door Lock Information - Came across this information on 1950 era General Motor (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac) door lock information. It's the type of information that is very difficult to come across and doesn't really fit into any categories, so here it is!

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