Finishing Putty

After you apply the body filler, you may apply a finishing or glazing putty for the final surface coat.


Evercoat Everglaze & Spot Putty (1 lb tube used up)

After the filler is shaped and sanded to almost a perfect shape, I use a finishing putty to finish the surface. There comes a frustrating point when you can't seem to get the filler any straighter. That's the time to spray on some primer and a coat the complete surface with a very thin coat of finishing putty. The finishing putty sands easy and smooths out any small dips, ripples or pinholes and for feathering edges.

In addition, the filler is rather coarse and has some small airholes in it. The finishing putty fills any airholes, scratches and smoothes the surface. It is easier to sand than the filler so it is much easier to final shape the work. I change to a 120 grit sandpaper for sanding finishing putty. I used a complete 1 lb tube for two coats on the roof so you don't need much. I figure the thickness was less than 1/64" in most places - just enough to smooth out the dips and cover the scratches.

Everglaze is a soft glazing putty that is easy to sand. Some bodymen don't like it and consider it paint with body filler added. It dries softer than regular body filler. They prefer a harder glazing putty like Half Time which is harder to work with and dries rock hard.

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