Installing Front Disk Brakes

I'm upgrading my 54 Pontiac brakes to 4 wheel disk brakes from a 1984 Olds Toronado. Here's how I fabricated the front disk brakes to fit. I used a 85 Toronado's rear caliper mounting plate that will bolt on to the new front spindle that I've machined. So far, in order to mount the Toronado rotors on the Nova's hubs, I 've had to sand off the rust on the inside of the rotor axle hole and the Nova's axle mating surface. I turned the Nova's hub's outside diameter to 5.75" so that it would fit inside the rotor, originally it was about 6.1875" in diameter.

85 Toronado rotor

85 Toronado rotor and 73 Nova drum brake style hub turned to fit

Brake mount

Front disk brake mount


73 Nova hub installed


Rotor installed


Caliper on and surprisingly everything fits!

brake bolts

Three types of caliper mounting bolts. Only one works...

There are three types of caliper mounting bolts and they all look very similar if not identical. The one on the left will thread fine but is about 3/8" too short and won't mate with the far end of the caliper properly. The middle one is the correct length but has the wrong thread (maybe metric). You can't tell by looking at it as they are all fine thread. The one on the right is the correct bolt. It has the letter "L" stamped on the bottom (opposite end from the head).

I had to modify the 85 Toronado's rear disk brake mount to fit the front calipers. 2 knotches were made in the circle portion of the caliper mount - you can see the small knotches in the first 2 pix. Another bonus is that the Toronado's rubber brake hose lookes like the right length and I can use the 54's frame mounting bracket.

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