Front End Suspension Options

This Front End Suspension Options section looks at the many different options that are available for updating an older vehicle's front suspension. It is divided into:

Straight Axle Conversion - The information here shows you how to convert your front suspension to a straight axle for the mile high gasser look!

Rebuild your Kingpin Suspension - There's some nice kits for rebuilding your kingpin suspension by replacing the brass bushings with bearings.

Independant Front Suspension - This page looks at the option of replacing the complete front suspension with an IFS from a Mustang II, Ford Victoria or Corvette

Camaro Front Clip - The 70s Camaro/Nova front clip is a common method of replacing the complete front end from the firewall forward. In this webpage, the pros and cons are discussed and the problems you might face with registering and getting a vehicle safety inspected with a welded front clip. Another idea is to build frame back rails that mate the body to the clip

Machine your own Front Suspension - Here's how to machine your own front tubular control arm suspension if you have the time, patience and facilities. Step by step documentation from design to finished suspension.

Mounting the Sway Bar - Improve your ride and handling by switching to urethane bushings for your stock sway bar. It is easier than you think even if you have an older unusual vehicle

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