The Fuel System

This section on the Fuel System is divided into:

Gas Tank Info - This page talks about how to clean a gas tank, remove and solder the filler neck and information on fuel sender units

Running the Gas Line - Step by step procedure on running a gas line and the tools and tricks that make it easier.

What's to know about Fuel Pumps? - There are several different choices to make when selecting a fuel pump: electric or mechanical, high or low pressure, push or pull?

Quadrajet Carburators - The magnificant Quadrajet carburator - you either love it or hate it. When it works, it works wonders, when it doesn't well - look out!

Electronic Fuel Injection - Here's a look at the Ford 2.3L EFI system and what can be done to improve it while still using the stock ECU - that's an adventure in itself!

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