Fuel Sender Units

After dickering around with the original 1954 Chevrolet fuel sender, I realized that I couldn't fix the fuel sender gauge and ordered a generic replacement from JC Whitney for US $14.95. I found several sources for stock 1954 Chevrolet replacement units but they were all in the US $50-60 range which is too much for just a sender unit. After all, I'm on a budget and not building a show car or restoring it.

The JC Whitney sender unit took about 2 weeks to arrive and I was very happy to find out that it is made to an exellent level of quality (as everything else I've purchased from JC Whitney). It had excellent installation instructions and fit perfectly.

The name is "Adjustable Fuel Level Floats", the catalog number is 634G-01, page 114, Part Number 13HE2950R for GM vehicles with 0-90 ohms.

The Chrysler/Ford part number is 12HE8525U for vehicles with 78-10 ohms.

If you use Stewart Warner gauges with 240-33 ohm, the part number is 12HE8526B.

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