Fuel Injectors

The stock fuel injector for a 1992 Ford Ranger is rated at 14 lb/hr. You can swap in a better flowing fuel injector for better performance. I have been working on increasing the air flow through the engine and consequently, I should increase the fuel flow appropriately.

I just returned from a 3000 mile (5000 km) 4 day road trip to Santa Fe New Mexico pulling a 1300 lb trailer. When you are behind the steering wheel for 55 hours, you notice some things. One thing I noticed was that when I was going up a steep hill with my foot to the floor, I could slowly back off the gas pedal without slowing down. At one point, the truck would sometimes actually accelerate!

This got me thinking. If I have the pedal to the floor, the butterflies on the fuel injection are wide open and I'm getting as much air as the engine can handle. If I back off the gas pedal, the butterflies are closing and less air is allowed in. If the truck starts accelerating when backing off the gas pedal, that means that we're getting the ideal fuel/air mixture and the most power. At wide open throttle the engine is not getting enough fuel - the fuel injectors can't supply enough fuel. I need bigger fuel injectors!

I tried a little experiment. I figured that with my foot to the floor on the hills, the engine was running lean (not enough fuel). So whenever, I started up a hill with my foot to the floor, I slowly feathered the gas pedal back until the truck started slowing down, then pressed on the pedal til it just maintained speed. Doing that I managed my best gas mileage for the trip of 27.5 mpg versus 23 to 25 for the rest of the trip.

This section is divided into:

Selecting a Fuel Injector - How to calculate and select the right fuel injector size for your application. Discussion on which injector is optimum for the 2.3L normally aspirated engine

How to install a fuel injector - Here's a step by step procedure on how to swap out the old injectors for new ones: tips and tricks explained. Also some serious safety concerns mentioned

Clean your injectors! - You may not want to buy new injectors and instead could pull a set of old ones out of the junkyard. The first thing to do is to clean them before installing.

How to test for a sticky injector! - How can you test if one of your fuel injectors is sticking? Or is it an ignition problem. Here's how to quickly and simply test for a sticking injector.

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