Gas Cap Information

Replacement gas caps are a little bit hard to find. You can't go to the local parts store and pick one up. Up until 1957, GM gas caps locked to the outside of the gas tank neck. After that, the gas caps locked to the inside. Fortunately, there are a few aftermarket suppliers of gas caps and they are pretty inexpensive. A standard replacement goes for about US$5 and a locking gas cap for $33 - $40 and comes in several styles: bowtie logo, red stripe and side lock.

original style

Original style gas cap

locking red gas cap

Locking red stripe gas cap

Danchuk 1955-57 chevrolet has supplies of the original style and locking red stripe gas cap. So do Chevs of the 40s and they have the bowtie logo and side lock style which in my opinion lack in the looks department.

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