The Gas Tank Info

This Gas Tank Info section talks about how to clean a gas tank, remove and solder the filler neck and information on fuel sender units and is divided into:

Replacement Gas Tank Info - Your gas tank is leaking, what now? You can find replacement gas tanks and here's information on the different types of replacement gas tanks.

How to Clean the Tank - Step by step procedure on how to clean the tank and the tools and tricks that make it easier and safe.

Soldering the Filler Neck - Step by step instructions on how to fix and repair a leaking gas tank filler neck safely.

Fuel Sender Units - Here's a look at the fuel sender unit and the different types that are available.

What's to know about Gas Caps? - Factory original or aftermarket? Locking or none locking? Venting or non-venting? There's a few of the choices that need to be decided when you are corking the gas tank.

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