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Welcome to the Glass Section! This section looks at the automotive glass and the procedures needed to install and fit the windshield, side glass, vent glass, quarter glass and rear glass into a vehicle. This section is divided into the following:

How to Cut a Windshield - This section looks at the many ways to cut or chop a windshield: successful methods and unsuccessful. It provides instructions on how to do it right and reliably.

How to Install a Windshield - This section takes a look at a few different methods of installing a windshield: using traditional rubber seal or the modern method of bonding to the windshield lip and the sealers and rubber used to bond the windshield.

Side Glass - Can you cut side glass? What is it made of? Here's where you find out about side glass

Rear Glass - Is the rear window glass the same as the windshield? Can you chop it too? This section discusses the composition and how to install the rear glass.

Window Regulators - These are the cranks that move the windows up and down. If you are going to install the side glass, then you better have a handle on the window regulators!

Window Felt and Channels - This section discusses the window felt and channels that the side glass slides up and down in. What types there are and how to install them in preparation for installing the windows.

Vent Windows - The Vent Window section discusses how to chop, restore and install the door vent windows and make them work the window regulators.

Quarter Windows - This section details preparing for installing the quarter windows into their regulator channels and installing them into the felt channels and body.

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