Harmonic Balancers

- I started painting the harmonic balancer and found that there is a groove worn where the timing chain cover's oil seal is. The solution is to purchase a thin repair sleeve available at most parts sources that press fits over the surface. It costs about $6 and installs quite easily. It was shorter than I expected but covers the seal area.


400 harmonic balancer with worn oil seal groove. The ridge on the outside identifies it as a 400 harmonic balancer.

I used a long bolt from one of my wheel pullers to install the balancer back on the crankshaft. It happened to have the same bolt thread as the balancer's bolt. You shouldn't use a hammer to install the balancer onto the crankshaft cause you may damage the crankshaft's thrust bearings. I threaded a nut, and put on a small washer and the large balancer's washer onto the wheel puller's bolt. Placed the balancer onto the end of the crankshaft.

install bolts

Wheel puller bolt on top, installation nut on bottom, small washer and larger washer

- I threaded the bolt onto the crankshaft as far as it would go. I then tightened the nut to drive the balancer onto the crankshaft. Doing it this way prevents stripping of the crankshaft threads. The bolt is firmly threaded into the crankshaft and the nut is taking all the force across its complete threads. Adding some WD40 to the threads helps.

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