Headliner - More to do!

Welcome to the Headliner - More to do! pages! This section looks at finishing off the interior. I'm not a professional upholsterer and usually do things the hard way. Here's the steps I took to install the headliner. This section is divided into the following:

  • Install tack strip around doors - A tack strip is a thick cardboard or plastic/rubber strip that goes around openings like the door that the windlace is tacked to. This page discusses installing the tack strip

  • Install the Windlace - The windlace is the round fabric material that surrounds openings like doors that gives the upholstery a finished look.

  • Install the V-prong hook strip - This is a row of v-prongs that the headliner will catch on to at the edges of all openings. The headliner will be stretched and hooked on to the prongs.

  • Plan the headliner bows - Since the roof was chopped, the original headliner bows didn't fit. I grabbed a set from a 4 door vehicle at the wreckers. Between the ones that I had and the 4 door's, I was able to put together a set that worked.

  • Measure, cut and sew the headliner - Most of the time, you can purchase an already made headliner that will fit your vehicle. In this case, the roof was chopped so I purchased a regular 2 door sedan headliner and modified it to fit.

  • Install the headliner - Now the fun begins as you fight the headliner in a restricted space while working upside down to install it.

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