A-E Hood Ornament Identification


Buick Hood Ornaments - Buick hood ornaments were characterized by

  • 1920s: Ladys head with wings for hair rad caps
  • 1930s: Early years: women figures, later years: stylized locomotives,
  • early 1940s: airplane,
  • late 1940s to mid 1950s: gunsights,
  • mid 1950s: jetfighter

Cadillac (and LaSalle) Hood Ornaments There are some aftermarket hood ornaments currently available through Gem and JC Whitney that can be mistaken for original pieces. Cadillac hood ornaments are characterized by:

  • 1920s: bugle boy
  • 1930s: bare breasted woman with feathered wings
  • 1940s: stylized woman/airplane
  • 1950s: stylized rocket/woman

Chevrolet Hood Ornaments - Chevrolet hood ornaments are characterized by:

  • 1920s: Winged woman leaping forward with horse's tail
  • Early 1930s: stylized eagle
  • late 1930s: stylized locomotive and locomotive/eagle
  • 1940s were mixed up with stylized eagle, eagle/locomotive and locomotive
  • 1950s: stylized eagle/airplane and an Impala
  • 1957 had gunsights

Chrysler Hood Ornaments - Chrysler hood ornaments are characterized by:

  • Early 1920s had the Chrylser logo in the rad cap
  • Late 1920s had a winged girl on a winged rad cap
  • Early 1930s had stylized bullet/wings
  • late 1930s/early 40s had locomotive
  • late 1940s had locomotive/wings
  • early 1950s had locomotive
  • mid 1950s had very sharp edge styled eagle

Desoto Hood Ornaments - Desoto hood ornaments are characterized by:

  • 1920s: head in armour on rad cap
  • 1930s til mid 40s had bare breasted woman with long hair that blended with wings. Highly arched back
  • Late 1940s had round emblem.
  • early 1950s had Hernando De Soto face (Spanish explorer)
  • mid 1950s had stylized wings, and ball on a bent hoop shape

Dodge Hood Ornaments - Dodge is usually represented by a Ram's head of some sort. Gem manufacturers a series of hood ornaments with Rams and JC Whitney sells a modern emblem also. Chrysler hood ornaments are characterized by:

  • 1920s: spoked wheel with Dodge Brothers initials on rad cap
  • 1930s: Rams head
  • early 1940s to early 1950s: started with stylized locomotive than added ram's horns to it until complete ram's head emerged in the early 50s
  • Mid 1950s: wings

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