F-J Hood Ornament Identification


Ford Hood Ornaments - There are some Ford Mustang hood ornaments manufactured by Gem that look pretty original. JC Whitney sells aftermarket Ford logo emblems also. Ford hood ornaments are characterized by:

  • Early 1930s may have greyhound rad cap
  • 1930s: usually had a stylized V8 symbol on it and feather style wings
  • early 40s to late 40s: stylized locomotives
  • late 40s/early 50s: round chrome with a clear plastic mohawk
  • early 50s: either an eagle or a stylized plane
  • mid 50s: stylized jet plane

Gem Hood Ornaments - Gem manufactures aftermarket hood ornaments that are available from auto distributers such as JC Whitney. They are available either chrome or gold-plated, with or without illuminated eyes and also some in a large and small size. Quite a few are easily mistaken for period pieces from original automobile manufacturers.

GMC Hood Ornaments - GMC hood ornaments are characterized by having the GMC letters present.

Hudson Hood Ornaments - Hudson hood ornaments are characterized by:

  • Early 30s: torpedo with wings (wings get dropped around mid 30s)
  • Mid 30s: may have used a bird?
  • Late 30s: torpedo/locomotive
  • 40s: locomotive
  • 50s: bullet shape, some with folded wings like aircraft on aircraft carrier

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