K-O Hood Ornament Identification


Kaiser Hood Ornaments - Kaiser hood ornaments are characterized by

  • Late 40s: knight's helmet with large stylized feather on top
  • 50s: rockets and jetplanes

Lincoln Hood Ornaments - Lincoln hood ornaments are characterized by a stylized 4 point star

Mercury/Monarch Hood Ornaments - Mercury is characterized by the mythical winged messenger Mercury. He has wings on his hat and feet. Canadian version is called the Monarch.

  • 40s: locomotives with long lengthwise lines
  • 50s: airplanes and jetfighters

Nash Hood Ornaments - Nash hood ornaments are characterized by

  • early 30s: round circle with either a wing attached or torpedo
  • late 30s: beginning of a mild locomotive design
  • early 40s: locomotive
  • mid to late 40s: long haired woman lying down with stylized arms in wing position
  • 50s: women is lying down and resting comfortably on arms or arms become stylized jet wings

Oldsmobile Hood Ornaments - Oldsmobile hood ornaments are characterized by

  • 50s: rocket powered planes

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