Finishing DA and Inline Sander

The air inline sander is a great tool for quickly cutting down the new epoxy based fillers. I use 80 grit paper and very frequently, smack the paper to clean the dust off. The paper lasts a lot longer this way. I take long strokes and sand in constantly alternating motions: vertical, horizontal, diagonal. The catch is that the inline sander is good for mainly flat surfaces.

An air inline sander saves your strength!

I alternate between the air sander and a finishing DA sander because both are used on flat surfaces and it is easier to get a uniform finish. The finishing DA sander is usually considered a woodworking tool and not an autobody tool. It works for me. This way, the area starts to conform to the rest of the body shape. I constantly feel the surface of the work to feel for high and low spots.

finishing DA sander

Woodworking finishing DA sander

I've found that the sanding dust can give false impressions of low and high spots so I constantly wipe off the surface. I've also found that after sanding for a while, my hands lose their sensitivity to the surface so I take a break and go do something else. Must be the vibration of the sanders..

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