Welcome to the Interior Section! This section deals with the interior of the vehicle from the headliner to the door panels, carpet, heating, ventilation, window frames, seat belts and roll bars!

Tuck n roll - Upholstery is the name and carpets, door panels, seats and headliners are the game for this section!

Dash - Here's where the dash is taken apart, cleaned up, primed and painted. Then it's installation and updating.

Vents - Ventilation is dicussed here and it covers fresh air vents, heater installation and air conditioning.

Windows - This section deals with the window frames, regulators, installation of glass into the channels, installing felt liners and restoring vent windows.

Restraints - For your car safety you need working seat belts and throw in a roll bar if you've chopped the top as the old cars just weren't made for putting the rubber side up!

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