Lights, Lights and More Lights!

Welcome to the Lights section! This section deals with wiring all the lights associated with a vehicle. There are a lot of lights on a car from headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, side marker lights, and even interior lights. Here's where you can read about them and even making your own custom LED lights.

Wiring up the Headlight/Parklight Switch. - Here's where it all starts - at the headlight/parklight switch. This page discusses the pinout and how to remove, install and wire the switch.

Microprocessor Controlled Lighting System - If you are really gung-ho, then you can convert your vehicle to a microprocessor controlled lighting system. It is an adventure in programming. This design was based on using LED lighting for the brake and turn signals.

Custom LED Turn Signal Lights - Here's a page dedicated to converting your turn signals to LEDs. It takes a lot of LEDs to get the brightness right and a lot of patience in wiring.

Custom LED Side Marker lights - Take some 1968 Dodge side marker lights, replace the bulbs with an LED array and you have custom LED side marker lights that look dynamic at night.

Custom Brake Lights - While we're at it, convert your brake lights to LEDs using super bright red LEDs. The caveat is that you need very transluence brake light lens and lots of LEDs. Here's some ideas.

Custom LED Third Brake Lights - Want the safety of a third brake light but need them to look period correct? Try this method of converting inexpensive interior reading lights by adding red LEDs.

Custom Backup Lights - I call this the back-up lights from hell because they are made from 55 watt halogen driving lights. The shape and look is perfect and looks like they were factory installed.

Wiring the Trunk - What's in the trunk? Well, this page details wiring the tail lights, brake lights, reverse lights and side marker lights - that's what's in the trunk!

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