Locking Down the Ship!

There are numerous devices that you can use to discourage the potential car thief. This page Locking Down the Ship! discusses the ways that you can lock down your vehicle.

Locking hood mechanism - This should go without saying but a lot of the older cars don't have locking hood mechanisms. Nobody should be able to get under the hood except for the owner. The hood mechanism should not be accessible from under the vehicle. Blocking plates should prevent anyone from defeating it.

Wheel locks - Each wheel should have a wheel lock on it to prevent/slow down the theft of your tires and rims. You are trying to make your car as undesirable as possible to the car thief.

Steering wheel lock - A good long steering wheel lock should be used to prevent the steering wheel from turning. The idea is to make it impossible to drive or turn the direction of the wheels (more on this later). A good steering wheel lock should cover the steering wheel shaft nut and prevent it from being removed. It takes less than a minute to remove a steering wheel when you don't car about damaging it. It wouldn't be too hard for a car thief to have his own steering wheel for replacement.

Brake pedal lock - There are combination steering wheel/brake locks which lock the steering wheel to the brake pedal. They prevent either from being used. This is a good thing as long as the steering wheel lock meets the above criteria.

Hydraulic brake lock - You can buy a hydraulic brake lock switch (line lock) that are used to lock the front brakes when doing burn outs. Lock the brakes to prevent the car from being moved.

Locking gas cap - Put a locking gas cap on your car so that even if it is stolen, they will have a hard time to fill it up.

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