Long Board Sander

There comes a point where you can feel the dips and bumps but not see them. This is when you start to use a long board flat sander. For big flat panels, you use a longer board to get a flat finish. You can make one using a straight piece of wood or purchase one.

long sander

Long flat sander

flat sander

I use the long flat sander moving diagonally. Never horizontally as it will create gouges.

The flat block sander is used before priming and after to make sure everything is flat

I found that since there is so many round corners, a flexible long flat sander works. There are many long flexible sanders available now that flex very well and come in various lengths. It's only recent that flexible long board sanders have become available.

There is a generic short 8" flexible sander which is sold pretty well everywhere under every brandname like Bondo. It costs anywhere from $3.50 to $10.00 depending on where you buy it. Basically I found it to be too short and too stiff. It didn't have any rubber backing which I really didn't like. Too easy to gouge the bodywork. All in all, it lasted one day and broke.

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