Making Lower Control Arms

I'm using the original spring basket from the Pontiac rather than make my own for the lower control arm. I'm building up an alignment jig to hold the control arm pieces in proper position while welding and bending.

Spring basket

Pontiac's lower control arm's spring basket and brace

lower control arm

Lower control arm ready to be installed (no brace)

control arms installed

Lower control arm in place

I decided not to use the original brace. It is not needed structurally and would be very difficult to weld. The bending and welding of the control arms was performed by Allan Automotive in Calgary and they did a superb job for a reasonable price. Great guys!

There is still some minor welding required on the lower control arm. A sway bar mount has to be added to the front and a bracket to hold the rubber bumper to stop the control arm from bottoming out on the crossmember. I'm not looking forward to taking off the control arms as it took me 2 hours to install them in their rubber bushings. Oh well...

The coil springs are not installed yet as I have to be able to easily move the front suspension up and down to in order to find the correct position for the rack n pinion unit. I will be measuring the movement of toe-in as the front suspension goes through its travel, this will let me eliminate any bumpsteer.

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