Metal Bashin'

Welcome to the Metal Bashin'! This section deals with the real down to Earth body working tools and supplies: selecting the tools, shrinking high spots, finishing putties, air tools and hand tools.

Body Filler - This webpage discusses several different brands of body filler and tips on how to use them including temperature, cheese graters and sanding time.

Mixing Boards and Spreaders - Something as simple as a good mixing board and a proper spreader can make the world of difference in applying body filler. They're inexpensive and well worth the investment.

Finishing Putty - After you apply the body filler, you may apply a finishing or glazing putty for the final surface coat. Here's a page that discusses finsihing putties.

Body File - One handtool that is indispensable is the body file for shaping your body filler. Watching a good bodyman using a body file is like watching an artist at work.

DA Sander - The dual action (DA) sander is a must tool for stripping paint and preparing the surface for bodywork. The important part of the DA sander is the sanding pattern that results when using it.

Finishing DA and Inline Sander - Body work is about shaping the surface. Two tools that will help you are the finishing DA sander and the inline sander for quickly getting the surface flat.

Long board Sander - The pattern that you sand is important and especially important for long flat surfaces is the tool that you use. It will determine the quality of the finish. 90% of painting is the bodywork!

Flexible Long Board - This page discusses how to use and how to make a flexible long board. If you have a vehicle with lots of curves than a flexible long board will make a huge difference in finishing.

Incredible Shrinking Disk - Eventually, you will have high and low spots on the surface. The low spots can be filled with body filler but how do you easily get rid of the high spots? The incredible shrinking disk is one tool that can make your life easier.

Hammer and Dolly - A little bit of elbow grease and some hammer and dolly work can reduce the amount of body filler needed if not eliminate it totally. Here's a page that discusses hammers and dollies.

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