The Front Suspension and the Idea

I figured that I can build new 1" tube control arms and use balljoints instead of kingpins. I've started modeling the suspension in 3D using Autocad. Originally the upper balljoints were 76 Camaro and the lower are 67 Chev Nova. The 67 Chev Nova is one of the few lower balljoints that are bolt-in as opposed to pressed in. I need the bolt-in ones for camber and caster adjustment. I changed and went to 73 Nova parts for the reasons listed down below...

Why not place caster and camber adjustment on the control arm mounting points on the front crossmember like modern cars? Well, the 54 line had a choice of a straight 8 or 6 cylinder engine. For engine clearance, they moved the front crossmember far forward and then arced it so that the control arms face backwards at a 63 degree angle. The control arm's mounting points are not adjustable, easily reached and would adjust in the wrong 3 dimensional plane.

Front crossmember

Original crossmember and kingpin suspension showing 63 degree angle

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