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Welcome to the Paint Section! This section looks at the process and techniques used to paint a vehicle. This section is divided into the following:

Priming - This section looks at priming the car. 90% of the finish when painting is the work done during the bodywork and the priming stage. The primer has to be perfect otherwise it will show through the paint.

Paints - This section takes a look at the basic styles of paint that are used to cover a car. Lacquer, urethane, two part epoxies and base coat/clear coat. Which should you use?

Spray Guns - Which spray gun to you use? HVLP, normal, touch-up? What are the types and how do you set them up? What techniques are used to lay the paint down? This section addresses those issues.

Spray Booth - Here's how to turn your garage into a spray booth and mask your car at the same time. Masking paper is old school, learn how to mask your ride quickly and easily with a sheet of plastic. Also, hints and tips on creating a low cost effective spray booth that will minimize the effects of overspray.

Spray Gun Technique - This section shows you how to spray the paint and the techniques that are used to lay the paint down. How do you physically move the spray gun related to the paint surfce, what are the distances, what do you look for? These questions are answered here.

Wet Sand - After the paint dries what next? Wet sanding the finished paint will sand out imperfections like orange peel and leave your paint with an incredible shine.

Dash Example - This section shows the process of masking and painting a physically difficult piece to paint: the dash of a 1954 Pontiac.

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