Panel Fit - Putting it Together

Welcome to the Panel Fit - Putting it Together pages! This section looks at the fit and modifications of the car body and how to install and modify them. This section is divided into the following:

Aftermarket Body Panels - When you are restoring a vintage car, do a bit of research on the 'Net, you will probably find many aftermarket suppliers of body parts. Here's an example of where I found parts for my 54 Pontiac.

Filling in the Hood Channel - The hood on my 54 Pontiac had a wide stainless trim piece right down the middle. Here's how I filled it in and made a unique twin peak hood.

Adding Hood Louvers - One of the problems of squeezing a large V8 engine into a narrow engine bay is exhausting the cooling air from the rad. Here's how I installed custom louvers from a late model Chrysler.

Hood Springs - It's the little things that can be the most frustrating. In this case, it was how to remove and install the hood springs of all things!

Fresh Air Scoops - I used 54 Cadillac air conditioning scoops for the passenger compartment fresh air intakes. Here's how I installed them.

Chopping a Roof - Any fool can chop a roof, it's putting it back together and having all the glass, doors and windshield fit and look proper that takes all the work! One weekend to chop the roof, one year to finish it!

Filling Holes in the Trunk Lid - I removed the wide stainless trim piece that ran down the middle of the trunk lid and was left with lots of mounting holes. Here's a simple non-welding method on how to fill the holes using a soldering iron!

Flattening the Trunk Floor - The trunk floor had a well for a narrow spare tire to stand up in. Here's how I cut out the well and flattened the trunk. This will allow for future plans of a custom exhaust to exit underneath where the well was.

Electric Trunk Release - I shaved the trunk lid, now how do I open it? Using inexpensive junkyard parts, I created an electric remote release and a backup cable release system.

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